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Security Camera installation in Columbus and Medina, Ohio.

Security Cameras

Check in on your home from anywhere with our video surveillance solutions. With our smart cameras, you can always see what is happening in and around your home. With video analytics, your cameras can notify you immediately of a vehicle in your driveway or your favorite pet sound asleep.

Video Doorbell Camera

Never miss an important package again. With a Britt Smart Security smart doorbell camera, you can be immediately notified of a package arrival and provide remote access for secure delivery.

Britt Smart Security can equip your home or office with a continuous recording security camera system. We can customize your video surveillance system to meet your needs and offer the best protection possible.

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The experience and service were wonderful. Tony stopped the day we called, provided a variety of options based on our home and family needs. Present during the install process and followed up to make sure things have been working as expected. Highly recommend. Brian W.

Add Video Security for Your Home or Office

Security cameras can help protect your home or business against vandalism, theft, and other crimes. A continuous recording camera system can capture critical evidence of criminal activity. Our smart security cameras can even record if their is a loss of internet connection insuring you don't miss anything. All of your recordings can easily be viewed directly from your smart phone or computer.

Speak with one of our security experts today to find a continuous recording security camera that works for you.

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