Mesh WiFi

The best way to improve the WiFi in your home is with a mesh WiFi system. Mesh WiFi systems use a number of units installed around your house to create one large network. This helps eliminate “dead spots” that can cause problems in your current WiFi signal, and will also help keep the connection stable even if you have a lot of devices trying to access the internet at once.

Mesh WiFi systems can also eliminate multiple SSID’s which improves security and simplicity when connecting multiple devices. This can save you valuable time and energy.

Mesh WiFi systems are, are an excellent way to upgrade your home's WiFi signal! They're not as expensive as they used to be, either - so it's worth considering this option if you've been experiencing frustrating connectivity problems in your home.

What is Mesh WiFi?

Mesh WiFi is a relatively new invention that will revolutionize your home WiFi . What is it? It’s a device that is connected to your router and covers your entire house with a strong, reliable signal. Britt Smart Security uses eero’s patented TrueMesh technology to intelligently route WiFi traffic. You can say goodbye to drop-offs and dead spots with a reliable network optimized for your usage and needs.

Mesh WiFi devices use multiple routers that work together to strengthen the signal in each area of your home - so even if you have a weaker signal in one area, the other areas will pick up the slack. They can all be controlled from an app allowing you the flexibility of control right at your fingertips!

This means that instead of having to place your router in an area with a stable internet connection, you can remove it from sight altogether - freeing up space and giving you more flexibility when deciding where to place your important technology.

Benefits of a WiFi Mesh Network

A WiFi mesh network is a system that connects multiple devices to form a big WiFi  network. The mesh network makes it possible for you to access the internet from anywhere in your home, even if the router is placed in a far-away spot.

With world-class encryption and security protocols, eero mesh network systems are compatible with the strongest security protocols available in consumer WiFi today. WPA3 (an optional eero Labs feature) provides an extra layer of protection for your network password, and individualized encryption helps keep your network secure.

Parental control can also be accessed from the eero app allowing you unlimited control of your children’s WiFi access. With WiFi parental controls, you can set schedules, create profiles for your family’s devices, or just shut the whole thing down if you want to go completely off the grid.

Mesh networks are useful for homes with multiple floors, and for those who live in apartments or condos. They’re also helpful for those who have kids because they allow you to know what they’re doing online at all times. Mesh networks can be set up on any device, too—no matter if it’s an Android phone, iPhone, iPad, computer, etc., just as long as it has an internet connection.

What’s the difference between Mesh WiFi and a Range Extender?

Mesh WiFi is a relatively new technology that offers larger coverage, better speed, and the ability to add on more devices as needed. It works by connecting multiple nodes to one another through a network. One node plugs into your modem and broadcasts the signal throughout your home. The others then pick up the signal, so you can place them in different rooms of your home to get better wifi coverage.

A range extender is an older technology that will just strengthen a weak connection. You have to plug it into your modem and it will work as a secondary router that broadcasts a signal throughout your home while using WiFi from your existing router.

So which option should you choose? Mesh WiFi is usually recommended because it offers better coverage, faster speed, and the ability to add on more devices as needed. However, if you don't mind the cost of installation or the extra devices, then mesh WiFi might not be necessary for you. In that case, consider an extender instead!


Is mesh WiFi better?

Mesh WiFi is one of the newest technologies on the market for improving WiFi signals in your home. With mesh WiFi, you have multiple access points that work together to create a strong and reliable connection. What this means is that even if you’re in a room with poor WiFi coverage, the signal will still reach you.

Does WiFi mesh replace a router?

Mesh networks are becoming increasingly popular, and they've been touted as the solution to all of your WiFi woes.

But how does a mesh network work?

Mesh networks function by relaying the signal from each node to the other nodes, in order to create an extended WiFi range. They use Ethernet cables to send the internet from one node to another; these cables are thin and durable and don't need power or a modem. This means that if you have multiple rooms with weak signals, you can strategically place a node in each room to boost the signal for that room.

Mesh networks are great for those who live in large homes with many rooms or who want extended coverage for their WiFi signal!

What is the difference between mesh WiFi and regular WiFi?

Mesh WiFi is a type of home network. It can often be a better option than traditional WiFi because it creates a stronger signal and provides more coverage area inside your home. Mesh WiFi systems are made up of many individual access points (APs) that create an extended network, or mesh. APs are connected to one another wirelessly or by cable.

How to Get a Better WiFi Signal at Home (or Make it Even Better!) With Britt Smart Security

WiFi signals in modern homes can be tricky. Even with a solid router, wired internet, and all of the app updates possible, our WiFi can often feel sketchy and unreliable. But that’s no reason to give up hope! Here’s everything you need to know to improve the WiFi in your home, so you can finally stream that new series without lag, check your email without waiting, and do all of your other internet-dependent tasks in peace.

A good internet connection is an essential component in your smart home setup, especially for those working from home. Let our experts at Britt Smart Security customize the right solution for your needs.