Smart Home Automation in Hilliard

Customize your smart home automation system and integrate it seamlessly into your daily routine and family needs. Our home security experts will meet with you to discuss your needs and provide a quote. 

Britt Smart Security smart home installation is your central hub for all things home automation in Hilliard. 

With devices interconnected and easily controlled from your phone, you can keep your home secure.

How does Hilliard Home Automation work?

Your smart home can be configured to suit your family's needs.

  • Sensors and Alarms: You can arm or disarm alarms remotely or set up an automated schedule for your security system. Get texts to your phone if an alarm goes off. 
  • Security Cameras: A motion sensor can trigger your home security cameras and send you a 30-second video clip. 
  • Smart Bulbs: Save energy by having your lights set up on an automated schedule. For security, schedule times for your lights to turn on while you're away.
  • Smart Door Locks Create separate lock codes for family members and one-time codes for your guests. Customize alerts to know when your home is left unlocked or being accessed.
  • Smart thermostats: Schedule temperature times to conserve energy + match your routine. Control your home temperature from your mobile app.
  • Smart Plugs and Switches: Make It Easy to Automate Any Item. With a system of smart switches and smart plugs, you can control a wide range of electronic items that are otherwise not smart home compatible. 


Smart home automation is the future of security and comfort. Easily control your lights, alarms, home temperature from the palm of your hand. You can monitor your home and remotely lock or unlock the door and view the surveillance cameras. Smart home technology brings convenience, comfort, security, and peace of mind. There are solutions available for both new construction and existing houses.


You can enjoy a connected home environment with smart devices and a home technology system that allows you to have more flexibility and convenience. Our team at Britt Smart Security will build a custom solution for your needs and budget. It could be just a few components or automate your whole home! 


A network is the home's central control for all communications and control. We will help you build a foundation that is solid for both today's and tomorrow's technology. We will work closely with you to create a network solution that meets all your needs, including your TV, phone, music, security, control system, and any mobile devices connected to the smart home's network.